Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our log cabin does not have air conditioning...
and it's just too hot these days to try getting any stitching
done on a blanket of this size.  There is only one skein
of yarn left and when the weather cools it shouldn't take
me very long to finish the last couple of rows.

So I've begun sewing together baby granny squares
for a baby that will most likely arrive before the
blanket is finished...but I'm sure it will be
finished before the first snow flies.
I hope it will keep him nice and toasty.

I spent the last two weeks sitting in an ice rink while my
son attended hockey camps in Chicago...
and I was able to knit nearly three pairs of socks.

and another pair was started....
I can't wait to see how this orange pair turns out.
Did I mention that I love knitting socks?

 a sneak peak at a pair of socks for a Christmas gift...

We always had parakeets growing up...and I couldn't
                                    imagine our home without them. We take their cage outside
                                      each morning and hang it on the porch. We worry that
                                               racoons might try to get into the cage so we bring
                                                         it back into the house each night.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.