Sunday, September 12, 2010

got pumpkin?

if Libby Pumpkin isn't in your pantry then you're out of luck,
because you won't find it on the shelves in
the grocery stores either....

at least not until Libby gets the 2010 pumpkin harvest
picked, processed and shipped to grocery stores.

The leaves on the trees are changing and the nights are
getting colder...which means it's time to bake
pumpkin bread.  My family will easily go through
four loaves of pumkpin bread in a week.

When my children saw for themselves and read on the
internet that the stores are sold out of pumpkin,
they convinced me that I could make
my own pumpkin...all we needed were a few pie pumpkins.

I cut the pumpkins into quarters, scrapped out the yuckies,
added a half cup of water to the roasting pan, covered
and baked for about 90 minutes.  Once the pumpkin
cooled I used a melon spoon to scoop out the pumkin
from the skin.  To smooth out the pumpkin I will
probably throw it into the food processor before
freezing it. 

Don't believe me that there's a shortage of pumpkin?