Thursday, September 16, 2010

my name is christine and I am a penny pincher....

The people at Downy and Snuggle don't want you
to know this... but I can save you money by using
LESS of their products... here's how...

start with one cup of liquid fabric softener and
mix it with two cups of water in a jar with
a lid and shake well.

fill spray bottle and grab a new clean sponge
Load clothes into dryer and spray each side
of the dry sponge FIVE times.  Toss sponge into
dryer and run dryer.  Depending on the size of
the load of laundry, you may need to SLIGHTY
increase or decrease by a spray or two.

If after many loads of clothes the sponge starts to become
shrived and begins to under warm
water and squeeze out excess water.  The sponge
is ready to be used again. 

Now if I could just find a way to water down gasoline!