Monday, September 26, 2011

my heart is broken....

On the morning of September 16th my brother called from Connecticut to tell me that my mother who had gone into the hospital earlier in the week had gone into cardiac arrest.  While trying to rush to be at her side and only making it as far as Chicago, I received a second call that she had passed away.

 I. miss. my. mom.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

summer in seven

Seven photos that for us will be reminders of the summer that was 2011....

the odds of breaking your arm while trying to do your first cartwheel?

note to self: do not trust children who tell you that they have collected
ALL of the eggs from the chicken coop.  By now I should be on to their

note to self:  NO ONE needs 21 tomato plants in their garden!!!

The discovery that drying dishes feels less like work when using cute towels.

What's wrong with this picture?
It helps to know that we planted a packet of WHITE pumpkin seeds in
our garden this spring.  Not only is this pumpkin orange but it's on it's way
to becoming a carriage....36" around and it's only August.

In June, I gathered a bag full of fabrics to donate to a local charity.  Many of the fabrics were
left over scraps from the years that my mother and I made dolls and date back 15-25 years.
Some were fabrics that I couldn't recall why I'd bought them and wanted them to go away.
 Together they sang out to me and somewhere between the basement and the car I decided to piece them together into a scrap quilt that I could take with me when we went camping this summer.
Mission quilt was far easier to dry than a sleeping bag after it ended up raining
on the tent for five days!!! 

Three weeks of military academy boarding camp (the little guy on the far left is mine)
and a request from him that he be apply for admission to enter this
particular military boarding academy in the fall of 2012.... 

which means... this will be our last year schooling here at home...
oh, the adventures that are waiting to unfold themselves before us.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so I've been....

knitting, knitting, knitting!!!!  Early this spring I took on a bit of contract knitting and have been doing lots of sock knitting.  This week I needed a break from working with thin sock needles and I picked up a bit of cotton and much larger needles to work on this towel.  The work is flying off the needles and I should have a new towel to dry the dishes with tonight.

I am almost ready to put the knitting away and switch over to crochet. Each of the last two summers I've worked on crochet projects and it seems to have become a bit of the rythm of the seasons.  It just doesn't feel "right" to crochet unless the days are hot and humid. And sock knitting in the summer....what's the point? These little squares are stitched up and will be joined to a backing to make a cushion. 

The children asked for an additional coop so that they could separate out the broody hen and have a coop to raise the chicks in.  Working together they completly assembled this little coop one their own.  A week later the eggs hatched and we've added four chicks to the excitement of our days.

I've spent hours working in my garden this spring.  I have a couple of special projects in the garden this year.   I'll share more about those later this summer.  I'm crossing my fingers that they are a success.  As of 7:00 pm last night I declared the garden officially weed free...who am I kidding...I'm sure that by the time I got to the other end that weeds were already sprouting.  It's a love hate relationship but all the hard work is quickly forgotten when sitting down to a homegrown salad.

The only thing missing are the tomatoes!

Monday, February 14, 2011