Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Laura Days 2013

Last month, I traveled out to Pepin, Wisconsin where I spent all day Saturday and Sunday teaching children how to hand stitch quilt squares as part of the Laura Days festival.   We met on the grounds of the Wayside cabin location close to where the original Ingall's cabin may have once stood.  The Big Woods are long gone and in it's place stood acre upon acre of corn.  The view from the cabin is wonderful!  There is a farm just down the street that stands empty and had there been a for sale sign up I might have called for a showing.  This corner of the state is much different other parts of Wisconsin that I've explored.

We hand stitched four inch square together to make a four patch block.  Some of the children had hand stitched blocks during other Laura Days and they brought them back with them this year to back this year to add four more blocks.   The youngest just girl I helped stitch was three years old.  She held the fabric and I ran the needle and thread through for her. 
 Next year I'll remember to take pictures during the event!  


Sheila said...

I was in Pepin the following week! My parents live there. Next year maybe we can meet up! (My mom is a realtor there....but winters in Florida)

Carolien said...

What a lovely idea to make those blocks together with the children!

Have a nice day!