Tuesday, September 3, 2013

After seeing a cigar box repurposed into a clever sewing box on someone's blog, I searched for one of my own to keep my hand piecing tools in.  I'm always amazed at how quickly blocks can be stitched together by hand if pieces are prepped and waiting close by.

August was a good month for hand piecing.  Four blocks down...twelve to go.   I need to start looking for the remaining kits.  Im pretty sure they are in a drawer somewhere in the house.

Much of my summer and most of the last few days have been spent in my garden.  The amount of produce that has come from my garden this year has been amazing.  In July, I passed up a hiking trip to Rocky National Park to hike with my husband.  The weather for the week we were scheduled to travel was forecasted to be in the 90's with no foreseeable rain.   Looking back, I know that my garden wouldn't have survived without watering had I gone away.  Now it's the first week of September and I can barely stand to eat another yellow cherry tomato.   I've started freezing them whole and if nothing else I will feed them to the chickens this winter.  

Next to my home and garden, this quilt shop maybe be my next favorite place
It's "Ye Olde Schoolhouse" in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  If you ever find yourself driving through southeastern Wisconsin...this is a must see shop!

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