Friday, February 28, 2014

I am suffering from a severe case of cabin fever and need something to distract me.  I found a kit that has been hiding in my stash since our move up to Wisconsin...YIKES...that's almost five years now!  This week I was able do some prep work and finish the stitching on the first block.  I've set a goal to finish this quilt top by the first day of spring.  


Sheila said...

I look forward to seeing the finished project soon! I ironed fabric this morning in anticipation of spending some time in my sewing room.....but our 16 month old grandson is living with us for a while, he is into it might be a slow process. ;)

treadlemusic said...

Love the colors!!!! Certainly a 'reasonable' time frame!!!! Unless, life gets in the way (story of my schedules!!! LOL!).