Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winning the War on Procrastination...

One Stitch at a Time!

Back in December I attended the "most laid back, best food ever, sign me up again!" quilt retreat.  And on the last day, as my new friends and I were packing up our sewing things and preparing to say good-bye, we thought it would be a great idea to make a quilt at the spring retreat that would be auctioned off for a local event next fall.  The assignment was easy.  All we have to do is return in April with a 12" finished quilt block using blue and or green fabric and cream as the background fabric.  Fast forward to today.  Gosh!  With a good 16" of snow STILL on the ground April seems so far away.  Except when I looked at the calendar today it hit me that I leave for quilt retreat four weeks from today. So I've picked up my needle and thread and one of my very favorite blue fabrics (that I only use for special things and I cry when I use it because when I do it will soon be gone) and for at least the next few days I'll be waging my own little stitchy war on procrastination.