Tuesday, February 10, 2015

early morning quilting

early morning quilting
I'm glad that the quilt in my frame has pretty spring colors.  It's the only thing around here that makes me think that spring is really on it's way.   I'm trying to fill my days with quilting, quilt shows and quilt retreats.  I really just want to hibernate and wake up on Mother's Day! 
 Any one else dislike these last days of winter? 


Sheila said...

It has been a hard season.....I am looking forward to springtime. I am planting bulbs inside today....if they survived their brown bag refrigeration these past months.

NADINE said...

Oh, what a beautiful quilt frame, and such a lovely quilt in it!
Quilting like this must be so comfortable... Sometimes, I procrastinate my hand quilting, just because I don't like using my quilting hoop.
As to winter, I do like it, especially when sitting by the chimney, with a nice fire and some hand stitching.

ENJOY your quilting, dear !


Bren said...

I think Mason's quilt will have me thinking of summer.
I'm preparing myself for an extra month of winter here.....

Lucy said...

Lovely frame, lovely, picture, lovely quilt.