Friday, March 6, 2015

the five P's

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Piecing!!
I leave for my Michigan retreat next week and I've been busy planning what projects to take with me.  I like to spend time cutting and prepping my blocks the week before I leave so I can sew, sew, sew at retreat.  That works well as long as remember to take all the pieces I've cut!  This time I'm packing the blocks before hand.  I've ironed, matched the colors, and cheated by sewing a handful of triangles.  I found these little paper bags on Amazon and thought they be a prefect and lightweight way to organize my blocks.  They are just thin enough to see what's inside each bag.
I never know how much sewing I'll get done while I'm away.  Oh my goodness! Some of the quilter's bring tote after tote after tote just crammed with fabric and not an idea of what they want to work on.  I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of quilter.  I've developed a strategy to keep my busy and from getting bored. Well, it's worked so far...fingers crossed!
So my plan is to take a big project to piece...the basket quilt that will be donated to the retreat center when I finish it. 

  Hand quilting...the top was a sew along on Lori's Humble Quilt blog.  If I can find more cheddar I will make a bed size quilt some day! 

Hand piecing...I have no idea why this picture is sideways?   I think I'll take this to work on.  It's been to a season of baseball, softball, soccer, and hockey and I'd really rather be using it on a table instead of lugging it to sporting events.  Lots of little pieces to sew short seams and they are great to work on while gabbing.  It's the long row piecing and seam matching that give me the willies!
That  just leaves me to decide which applique and embroidery piece I'll take with me.
I have no silly notion that I will finish everything but I'll at least have a good idea where to start.
have a wonderful weekend!