Tuesday, March 17, 2015

life is good...

I don't often take pictures when in Amish country and I was careful to wait until a small family exited their buggy before taking this photo of the barn quilts on the side of Yoder's Department Store.
I forgot my phone when I went into the shop and will someday remember to go back and take a photo of the solid fabrics that they stock.   
These were definitely NOT the original colors I had thought about working with but it was a happy surprise when they came together.  Ask for Nancy if you ever need help pulling colors.  And go early it gets crowded later in the day. My boys are heading up north to camp this weekend and the timing couldn't be better.  This one isn't going to be stash fabric for long.

So few quilt shops carry stencils and I love finding new ones.  Yoder's has racks and racks of them! These are the ones that came home with me this weekend.  I've got to find a way to work a little bird or two into my quilting somewhere.

I walked away from purchasing a black featherweight when I was in Shipshewana last December.  It was surprising that she was still sitting on the shelf  when I came back last weekend.  She's been used and loved and her decals have been worn away in spots.  Her light cover has been replaced and it is missing the Singer decal....but sews like a dream.  Her serial number begins with AF so I know she's going on 75 years. 
 I can only hope that I run as smoothly when I'm that age.
There was a receipt in the case for a tune up done on the machine in 1987.  The owner was living in Indianapolis at the time.  I'd love to know if she was the original owner or the number of times the machine has passed hands.  Oh! the things we will sew.