Friday, March 27, 2015

it started with a plan...

I made a list for the things I'd shop for while at the Chicago quilt show yesterday.  The list went something like this...needle, thimble, notions, thread. 
This little wall hanging and French linen is none of those things! But this was from a vendor from France and I knew I might not find it again.  I learned an important lesson about not using a credit card while at shows with vendors from many states and international companies.  My husband received a fraud alert from our bank while in a business meeting.  It was triggered by me after I shopped at this vendor and then went to a vendor from Indiana.  A quick phone call to the bank straightened things out, but next time I'll take cash!

And here's what I couldn't resist from the Indiana vendor.  She and her husband were selling hand dyed indigo and cheddar fabric.  This little Jo Morton quilt has been waiting in my head for just the right cheddar and blue fabrics.  And so they came home with me too. 

And I can't walk by Lori Smith's both without becoming weak in the knees! In addition to her beautiful patterns she now sells sewing kits with the same fabrics that she used in her original quilt.  A no brainer...wash, cut, stitch.  I enjoy choosing my own fabrics but also appreciate someone else occasionally doing it for me. 
And my new "Steady Betty" pressing board.  I found a small pressing surface from a vendor at the show from Holland, Michigan for my Dear Jane blocks.  Here's block A-4 and in the lower left corner is a dime covering one of the pieces to show how little those corner stones are.

I did in fact buy needles, notions, a blue thimble and thread.   I'll make a list before I go to the show next year and see if I can do any better sticking to it.
Have a great weekend!